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Our company specializes in transport and shipping providing high quality  services across Europe.

The long-term experience of our team lets us provide services:
SAFELY, ON TIME,  PROFESSIONALLY. We carry out all orders  in the field of freight forwarding and transport, from the smallest ”door-to-door” deliveries, through moves to express, heavy and oversized transport.

We cooperate not only with large corporations  but also with smaller companies and private individuals.

We adapt to the needs of every single customer, we work outside of the box – so that each client receives 100% of what they need.

We aim for a long-term cooperation, acquiring a large number of customers who return to us satisfied,  telling  us that once again we succeeded in doing our job. This motivates us to provide the best quality services.

We feel responsible to satisfy different individual wishes and continuing that became our passion.


Do you need to transport small size goods or small weight goods that do not fill the entire space of a transport vehicle? Are the recipients of your products scattered over many different locations? Is your product diverse? We are able to transport anything anywhere. Our company will make sure that your goods are delivered everywhere you need securely, timely and always by providing you with the best quality of service possible.


If delivery time is a factor and the deadline is ‘yesterday’, we are there for you to help and we know exactly how to do it. With our experienced drivers who have travelled thousands of kilometres, our forwarders who always plan routes with great precision, and our modern fleet of delivery vehicles, we are able to reach any location in Europe as quickly as it is possible, or even quicker!


Every customer is important to us, as are their goods. When transporting property, we make sure that by relocating items from point A to point B the goods remain intact and the whole procedure follows efficiently and smoothly. Our drivers will not only secure and transport your property, but they will also assist you throughout the relocation, right from the beginning until the items are in the target location.


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